Musician Coaching

Dave Egan will customize a workshop to meet the needs of your duet, trio, or quartet. You can be serious musicians or a group of friends who enjoy playing together, Dave’s unique approach of using the recording process will improve your group’s musicianship and band arrangements.

Over the course of two to four three-hour sessions, we will:

  1. record three or more of your songs, just as they are.
  2. listen and analyze the strengths and weaknesses in these recordings.
  3. identify the areas that need improvement. This might include:
    • tempo fluctuations
    • conflicts in harmony
    • tendencies to overplay parts (“parts too busy”)
    • issues with tone and dynamics
  4. record multiple takes each with specific goals:
    • making more intentional arrangements
    • improving tempo consistency
    • improving tone and pitch
    • making the various parts reinforce each other

Practice is important, but often individuals and groups get stuck on a plateau. Our process combines recording with intensive listening to focus awareness and improve playing and singing. The recording process offers many techniques and tools to improve your playing:

  • click tracks to keep tempo steady
  • guide tracks to keep arrangements consistent
  • hearing your playing accurately in headphones brings tone and pitch into focus

Greater awareness of what you are playing leads to more intentional playing. When you hear what you really sound like you have an opportunity to make a huge improvement.

Our program opens a musical door for you and your group to walk through. When the program is complete you will have also recorded a CD that will reflect all your improvements and sound much better than if you just booked recording time in a studio.

Dave Egan has over 30 years experience as a recording engineer and a music teacher.